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Welcome to my blog and to my words! My name is Matt Buchanan, the Mars Aquarius, and I write these words as a testament to the lessons, observations, musings, and wisdom I have gathered in my short walk of life in this body of skin. My Spirit comes from beyond the stars but I am here to speak into your soul if you will allow. Life and love, mingled with madness and ecstasy will be the vehicle for the song of my soul. Who am I you say? I am a poet, a minstrel, a fortune teller, and a madman! I am a traveler on a journey from a faraway home, here for a time until the dance of being taps me on the shoulder to sing my songs among the celestial realms.


As many of you may know I am a professional intuitive, spiritual life coach, and master rune, tarot, and oracle reader with clients spanning the globe. I am available 24/7 for live chat, live voice call, and live video readings every day. Just click the button below to get started!

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My blog

The Third Eye Vibes Podcast

Hello there, my name is Matt Buchanan, better known as The Mars Aquarius. I am a professional Psychic Intuitive, Lifecoach, and podcast host behind the label Third Eye Vibes. I know what you’re thinking as I get the reaction all of the time! Do people really make a life in that field? Yes we do,…

Musings Of A Fortune Teller

In my personal life I am extremely introverted and extremely private. Some would say a little quirky even. Such an irony if you contrast it with what I do for a living and even my life as a performing artist, but here we are! Something just hit me recently and it hit hard. It can…

The Path And The Road

One very important lessen to learn in this life is understanding the difference between the Path and the Road. The road that you are traveling on in this life is the same as the road everyone else is traveling on, but along the Path are the experiences that will be unique for you and your…


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